January 07, 2020

6 Tips for Using a Straightener

Improper use of the straightener can seriously damage your hair. However, by applying a few simple tips, you will be able to obtain perfect smoothing while respecting your hair. Here are 6 tips for using a straightening iron.

Before smoothing

1 - Dry or wet hair?

Make sure your hair is clean and dry. Indeed, rare is the flat irons that smooth on wet hair. We can think of the Remington S7200: and again, we must take into account that it works on damp hair, well wrung out, and not on hair just washed and dripping. So, apart from this model, trying to straighten wet hair will be ineffective and will burn them badly.

2 - How to protect your hair?

We often remind you, it is important to protect your hair before you straighten it. The application of a thermoprotective care is therefore fundamental for the health of your hair.

3 - Choose the straightener that suits you

To use your hair straightener properly, it must already suit you perfectly. For this, make sure that the material of its plates suits you, that it offers a temperature range adapted to the nature of your hair and that it has all the options you want. That's why a Best Flat Iron for fine hair can help you a lot in your quest for the perfect straightener.

Using the straightening iron

4 - Separate your strands into sections

For effective straightening, it is advisable to separate your hair into sections. Indeed, passing the straightener over the entire hair will not allow a very effective smoothing. On the other hand, by creating several locks, a single pass is sufficient on each for a perfect smoothing (provided that the temperature is suitable).

5 - Choose the right temperature:

It is important to use a temperature adapted to the nature of your hair. Indeed, if the temperature is too low, you will have to pass several times over the hair, the straightening will not be correct and you will have dehydrated your hair for nothing. If it is too high, your hair will dry out and become dull.

Here are the recommended temperature ranges:

  • For thick hair: from 210 to 230 ° C
  • For normal hair: from 190 to 210 ° C
  • For fine hair: from 170 to 200 ° C

6 - Straighten your hair

Once the hair is separated into sections, take a stand, position it on the lower plate of the straightener and close the plates. Descend slowly by pulling the wick with the other hand or with a round brush/comb. It's up to you to find the technique where you are most comfortable.

One or two wicks are enough. If you follow the instructions above, the wick will be smooth on the first pass. Too many passes on the same strand will make your hair brittle, dull and dehydrated.

You now know how to use a straightening iron to obtain a perfect smoothing, all without damaging your hair.

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